Quinoa porridge with seeds & nuts - wellness breakfast

Suitable for adults, children, sportsman and sportswomen requiring healthy nutritional food rich in plant-based protein, this dish can be also served as healthy snack anytime of the day.

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When it comes to health and muscle building in plant-based world you might be surprised to hear about quinoa. Besides, porridge is often known to be made with oats. Ready made oats purchased weeks before consumption. Hmmm, not such a good idea if you are to secure optimum nutrition.

High nutrition and health does not only mean organic and fresh ingredients, but also conscious food processing. Yet, this part is often forgotten. Shopping for milled seeds and grains means, most of our nutrition and even taste has been lost somewhere between the mill, seller's storage and the shop. Not to mention your kitchen cupboard where bought package can sit opened endlessly.

Every time you can process whole grains directly in your kitchen, you secure highest nutritional content for your meal. Isn't that what we strive for?

Obviously, even without a mill of any kind, you may prepare quinoa whole. If, like me, you love creamy nourishing porridge (anytime of the day), then you might like the following tip.

The best non-electric mill I have came across is definitely Melsi mill made by a Czech company with the same name. I have had the experience to work with the mill at La Vimea, the 1st Italian 100% vegan hotel. It was a beautiful addition to our rich buffet breakfast, milling seeds and nuts. It then became a must have for my home kitchen where I use it practically daily. I can reassure you, that anyone interested in health, nutrition, whole foods and even off grid cooking, will praise this mill.


Here is the recipe for our nutritional porridge:

Ingredients for 2 servings

1/3 cup of quinoa

2 cups of water

pinch of salt

3 spoons of seeds and nuts of your choice (we used hemp, almond and walnuts)

1-2 spoons of raisins (optionally soak them briefly in water to achieve more juicy consistency) or 4-6 soft pitted dates or date syrup

1 small spoon of raw coconut oil (optional)

Spices like cinnamon and freshly milled cardamon seeds will give your dish an irresistible aroma.

*make organic ingredience your 1st choice

Mill quinoa and cook it over a medium heat with water and pinch of salt for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally. You can add water depending on a desired consistency. Turn off the heat and let the hot porridge sit covered for another 5-10min before pouring into a bowl.

Mill the nuts and seeds and garnish your porridge with them adding the raisins or dates as well.

Once cooked, the milled quinoa will have very creamy consistency so there is no need to add any milk. This is mainly due to the fresh milling process. Quinoa is high in protein and for an extra whole foods protein boost, you may add hulled hemp seeds. I freshly milled them too.

Can you top this nourishing simplicity? Easy, fast, rich, full of flavour...

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