Delicious asparagus spring salad

When it comes to asparagus, you can create a broad variety of healthy and tasty dishes. While grilled and steamed asparagus is most common, it is very tasty and healthy raw.

This spring vegetable is packed with nutrients and, as most vegetables, it is best eaten fresh. Its stalks will be tender and juicy, making it a perfect base for a salad.

Fresh green asparagus needs no peeling. Just rinse it and cut off possible drier stalk ends before chopping it into a desirable thin length. You may also use a peeler to get thin strings.

If you wish to add sweeter white asparagus to your salad, than you need to peel its outer skin before cutting. Asparagus combines well with radicchio.

Radicchio is a cultivated variety of leaf chicory of a bitter and spicy taste grown in Italy. Although radicchio is typically a winter vegetable, the most common variety - radicchio di Chioggia - is found all year round. It is dark red, white-veined salad, size of a grapefruit. Generally, radicchio varieties are named after the Italian regions of their origin having different shape and size.



Serves 2

6-8 stalks of asparagus (mix of white and green, optional)

1/2 radicchio di Chioggia (available both in European and US markets)


2 table spons of tahini

1/2 lemon (juice)


preferred herbs

All asparagus dishes will get an edge with crafted Matthias Müller Asparagus beer


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