Zero-waste breakfast to-go (gluten-free/ nut-free/ sugar-free/ vegan)

This easy zero-waste take-away breakfast can be prepared in advance for the whole week, virtually, in few minutes. Naturally sweetened with no added sugar, it is an energising and healthy breakfast or a snack. Recipes below.

You can prepare your muesli dry mixture and store it in a clean jar. Dry mixture can last weeks in your jar. Once you decide to eat it, it takes only few minutes to prepare.

Organic, nutritious and made to your taste. It is you who controls what goes in. To keep the zero-waste philosophy, purchase the ingredients into your own reusable containers at a nearest a bulk store. Here is a list of specialized zero-waste stores in Europe. However, many other stores and markets sell unpackaged bulk food, you just need to look around.

You may prepare separate daily portions of different tastes, or make a muesli mix into a large jar that you keep in your office/home/or your car if that is the place where you eat your breakfast. Car is not an ideal breakfast place, we all know that. However, it's better to have healthy breakfast at hand in your car than to eat fast food from a petrol station shop on the road.

Before eating, pour warm water or your favourite plant-based milk. Let the mixture sit for five minutes. You may also pour cold water and leave overnight before eating. I love to take my food and eat it in the nearby castle park when in Prague.

Jar muesli recipes for 1 portion.

(* LS=large spoon, TS=tea spoon)


4LS buckwheat flakes

1TS mulberry

1TS dry sunflower seeds***

4 chopped plums

pinch of cinnamon and cardamon powder (optional)


4LS buckwheat flakes

1LS raisins

1TS goji

1TS dry sunflower or pumpkin seeds***

pinch of cinnamon (optional)


4LS buckwheat flakes

3 chopped figs

1TS dried apple

1TS dry sunflower seeds***

pinch of cinnamon (optional)

***you will get more nutrients if you soak seeds overnight and add them to the ready-to-eat mixture.

TIP: You can prepare your own muesli jar according to your taste. Buckwheat flakes are both tasty and nutritious, if you let them sit in water bellow 42°C. Rice flakes are better to let sit overnight with vegan milk or water. If gluten is no issue for you, oat flakes are fabulous with both cold or hot liquid of your choice.

TIP2: Water is fantastic option for your muesli on-the-go as you can get it anywhere. Besides, your muesli will not suffer in taste. Plant-based milk might be harder to get zero waste unless you make your own, which of course, is both cheaper and healthier option (no additives, thickeners, stabilisers). Besides, home-made milk can be made raw, while your bought version is most likely to be pasteurised.

CAUTION! Buy your dried seeds and fruit from organic specialty stores, well and naturally dried without sulphur dioxide. Avoid consuming any rancid dried seeds, nuts or fruit.

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