Soil creating in urban spaces: a circular home

"All life depends on soil"

Vandana Shiva

We have a choice: creating soil or growing landfills.

Every individual has an opportunity and duty to return organic nutrients back to the soil that is disappearing due to pollution, monstrous urban development, our addiction to waste creation and an industrial farming.

A counter clock in front the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) Amsterdam 2015 The year of soil, where we were "Celebrating Soil! Celebrating Life!" with a bunch of international change makers.

Eroded and exhausted soil without nutrients cannot produce nutritional food. Besides, when organic waste is dumped to landfill, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition (because of the lack of oxygen) and generates methane. When released into the atmosphere, methane is 20 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. From collected organic material, methane can be harnessed for electricity generation or returned back to soil.

Although a composting traditionally belongs to rural areas, today we can create soil even in our city households. No garden? No balcony? Not even a public composting collection system? No problem. A Czech company Plastia has brought a perfect vermi-composting solution to the market. I have been using with much success.

​It takes only a few month to convert these organic left overs back to nutrient rich humus suitable for growing home plants. Although composting is a dynamic life process and takes more than dumping organic bits into a container, it is not a rocket science. If you know how to grow plants you will be able to vermi-compost. It is about creating life at home.

​Since a well maintained and functioning vermi-compost does not smell, it can be part of your furniture. Only few of your guest will guess what treasure resides inside the green box. :-)

So let's stop so vigorously pushing organic material to landfills, it belongs back to soil. This is what our ancestors knew and respected.

“History provides ample evidence that civilizations which ignored the health and well-being of the soil, and exploited it without renewing its fertility, disappeared along with the soil.”

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