Zero-waste catering at Degrowth Budapest

The Degrowth Conference is where you can see people walk their talk. This year was no different and it blended well with the topic of my presentation - Unpackaged: factors that drive consumers to package-free food retail.

Even the sizeable attendance, did not compromise the zero-waste approach for serving food that was both locally sourced and made. Simplicity, colour, taste and freshness were the adjectives this year. Vegan and organic were the norm.

Coffee break consisted of sweet, salty, and raw finger food to cater also for the gluten-free crowd and raw eaters. I see the finger food the smartest way to avoid the use of single-use packaging items at public events. A simple way to avoid piles of trash and unnecessary spending. And let's admit it, how best to eat your food than with your fingers!

Also drinks did not compromise anyone's health or footprint. Sugar-free, refreshing, and served from and into washable reusable glasses.

Soya did not make it to this event as the most common replacement of dairy. Freshly made rice and almond milk played a prime.

Lunch consisted of vegetable soups (two choices), sandwiches or pies (several different taste) and a fresh salat. ​

Also fruit adorned every lunch as a simple, healthier but tasty alternative.

The washable dishwear was deposited by each participant to the washing up station. From there cups and plates were taken to the university kitchen for washing. Logical, simple, green.

A lot of caring in this catering.

Health, environmental awareness and rural development was part of every bite and sip. This is how I envision the way we eat. Thanks and congrats to Haziko!

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