100% Hemp based pesto

I don’t know if hemp is gonna save the world but i’ll tell you this: it is the only thing that can.

Jack Herer

Much of the hemp pesto recipes base themselves on hemp seeds, rarely use hemp oil and hardly ever incorporate fresh hemp plant. I made this pesto differently, based entirely on hemp, using organic seeds and oil from Hempoint (Czech Republic) and fresh hemp plants - Cannabis Sativa, variety Finola from a plantation at Nakło Pałace (Poland). The approved plantations generally have plants with THC concentration below 0,2, thus are save for consumption without psychotropic effect.

Cannabis Sativa, variety Finola is originating from Finland thus have a shorter vegetation season and the earliest flowering of all hemp varieties. Unlike other varieties that can reach as much as 6 metres, Finola does not grow much more than 1,5 metres.


Ingredients to serve 4:

100g of hulled hemp seeds

20 tips of hemp plant

5 table spoons of hemp oil

1 tea spoon of lemon juice

Himalaya salt and black pepper

Blend all until smooth, adjust to taste.


My choice was to make a simple vegan pesto without cheese to depict the hemp flavour fully, and to skip garlic since the fresh hemp plant has an intense and a little spicy flavour. However, both can be added. This pesto will add a special twist to your veggie sandwiches, can be used on salads, polenta, cooked potatoes or to garnish a soup. For pasta pesto, you might like to add either dried tomatoes or zucchini to your pasta dish.

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Nakło Pałace (Poland) is a perfect spot for individuals, couples and families who like to stay away from everyday buzz. It is a perfect chillout.

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