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When it comes to living trashless life, it is all about thinking out of the box and unlearning seemingly convenient habits which, after all, are only habits that make us consume endlessly and spend unnecessary cash: paper towels and napkins, garbage liners, disposable plates and cups, or aluminum and plastic foils to name a few. Honestly, I enjoy investing in trash or feel guilty about how much garbage I add to the global wastelands. Also, I find it rewording not to spend time sorting my trash. Ultimately, however, when it comes to style and good taste, fast-disposables hardly dominate. Or have you savored Champaign or a craft beer from a plastic cup, ate gourmet food with a plastic fork or used a paper napkin at a five star restaurant?

So here is your tip: As long as you have those "instant helpers", you might be tempted to use them and buy them. Once you remove those single-use items from your kitchen and dining room, you will find a reusable alternative with the stuff you already have. Be creative, be bold and adventurous. There is no need to invest more to set up an elegant zero-waste kitchen. After all, trashless life is about reusing what already exists (and we do have so much) rather than creating yet another "need", a fuel for consumption.

Here are a few examples for setting a table:

-Combine vintage cups and plates to set up a romantic table (make imperfections a benefit)

-Design personalized re-usable cloth napkins (paper ones have been out of style long ago)

-Re-invent your drinks (forget the urge for single-use plastic or paper straws)

Let's be gourmands rather than consumers....

After party:

-Use a plate to cover a pot or a casserole before placing in the fridge (forget single use foils and plastic zip bags for left-overs, they clog your fridge)

-Redesign and store food in reusable airtight recipients you already have without going crazy about "special ones"

-Wash dishes with soda or bar soap (forget throwing away yet another plastic bottle)

-Find a way to compost scraps

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