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Having visited three dozen countries across five continents and having witnessed some amazing natural sceneries as well as heart-breaking degradation, I decided to dedicate myself fully to promoting “biological sustainability” on personal and professional levels.


As a life-long advocate of an ecological lifestyle and a proponent of deep rather than a “shallow” anthropocentric and technocratic ecology, I insist on shifting our current ways of thinking to unlearn our unsustainable patterns and to place biological sustainability or better “thrive-ability” to the core of our everyday actions as society, businesses and individuals.


My attempt is to look at today’s environmental issues through a systemic lens and to strive for long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes. Together with others, I established a network-based think tank, Earth Matters, to assist with systemic approaches to dealing with today’s complex issues and transition to eco-centric societies.


Furthermore, I'm interested in change of our current lifestyles by re-thinking our consumption patterns, about which I wrote previously through Hana's green living blog.


Cooking has been my family's tradition and my passion. Being able to prepare fresh food from whole, natural ingredients and share it with others, for me, has never been a duty but a privilege. And my almost a decade living (not only) in sunny Barcelona, has brought me closer to veggies. So why not share it, especially knowing that the ways we eat can have such a profound impact on the world around us?


Cooking to change the world is an environmental project that aims to inspire a positive change for our health and a healthy planet. 


Hana Hrstková


Simona Schmidts, Primavera Life

“When Hana is in a kitchen, it is always more than cooking.”

“What strikes me most about Hana is her energy and her passion. She lives what she believes in. That makes her strong and very authentic.”

“Thanks, Hana, for your hospitality and your delicious food. You make waste-free plant-based cooking straightforward and accessible to all!”

"If anything can save the world, I'd put my money on beauty."

Douglas Tompkins
American conservationist, outdoorsman, philanthropist, film-maker and founder of The North Face and Espirit. 
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Glacier of Chilean Patagonia