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This cooking is focused on health and nutrition, inspired by seasonal, easy to access and low-footprint sourcing and food preparation that will fortify your health and help you gain some food independence lost in today’s over-consumptive world. 


The aim is to

-inspire lighter, energising, and fun food preparation

-wow even the most sceptical carnivores with creations you learn

-make easy recipes with fewer yet nourishing ingredients

-perfect simple food preparation techniques 

-provide alternatives to animal-based foods

-practice zero-waste cooking from scratch

Learn, have fun, get fit

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Make it

Workshops include:

-Sattvic cooking

-Hemp &

 local superfood delights

-Vegan festive fingerfood

Taste it

Intrigued what plant-based feast tastes and

looks like?

Get a specimen catering 

for your event & surprise 

your crowd.


Live it

Join one of our events 

Vegan Sailing 

Croatia September 2020


Cooking weekend

Harrachov November 2020

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