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Nutrition, independence, sustainability


Organic, beautiful, natural

Every time we eat, we cast a vote for the energy we want, the body we shape and the world we believe in. Never in the human history, have our food choices had such a profound impact on the world. Be it in terms of soil, air and water footprint or as a connection to other beings. Never before have we been so subjected to corporations eager to make our days into yet another occasion for consumption. Never before have we had so many opportunities to change. Never before has cooking been so easy and so much fun.



Hana Hrstková

The effects of not cooking are far reaching. Relying predominantly upon large corporations to source and process our food means we often consume products of dubious origin with large quantities of salt, sugar, fat and unwanted substances. This way, we disbalance our health, disrupt an essential link to the natural world and often weaken our relationships with family and friends.


In fact, as Michael Pollan argues in one of his food related bestsellers, "taking back control of cooking may be the single most important step anyone can take to help make the food system healthier and more sustainable".


Through cooking as an act of enjoyment, and even a form of meditation, we open the door to a more nourishing and independent life. Besides, as per the Ayurvedic tradition, through cooking and right food choice we might balance our minds and souls.


We are what we eat!

Cooking is a very powerful endeavour.

Just by preparing food from fresh ingredients at home, you can influence many things around you.

Millenium olive tree, Gallura, Sardinia

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